The Cloud Service Platform of ZY-3 Satellite Image

The Cloud Service Platform of ZY-3 Satellite Image is built by the Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center (SASMAC), NASG, and operated and maintained along with partner agencies in China and abroad. This platform is supported by a cloud-based storage environment. It is mainly for providing management services, distribution services and real-time push services to users for latest acquired images of domestic high-resolution satellites, such as ZY3-01 and ZY3-02. The purpose for building this platform is to develop an industrial virtual service center, which can be used to facilitate instant share, and efficient use of domestic high-resolution satellite images in the field of surveying, mapping and geo-information and other industries at home and abroad. The Cloud Service Platform of ZY-3 Satellite Image can be applied to government agencies, enterprises, and other relevant organizations. It provides data query, data purchase, data instant push, and other related services.

Service Mode

The Cloud Service Platform of ZY-3 Satellite Image is using multi-level interactive satellite products integrate service mode, which between main node and sub nodes, and between sub nodes and their respective lower levels geo-information agencies. The different  levels of nodes  cooperate and  complement each other.
Main node: as the main node, the Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center of the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, taking responsibility for the platform’s construction and maintenance, pushing domestic satellite. The main node also takes responsibility for national basic surveying and mapping, national geographical conditions monitoring, Map world platform construction, surveying and mapping emergency support, ministries application services, and international cooperation services.

Sub nodes: each area competent authority of surveying and mapping assign an agency to be its sub node. These agencies take responsibilities for constructions and maintenance of lower level nodes in their respective province, making use of main node pushed data for various surveying and mapping projects including provincial basic surveying and mapping, provincial surveying and mapping emergency support, etc., and provide geoinformation integrated application services to different industries.

Instant service

Instant push newly acquired satellite images of ZY-3, GF-1, and GF-2 etc. to provincial nodes.


Secondary development interface provide value-added services for regional geo-information agencies.

Low cost

Differ from traditional data distribution mode, the cloud platform requires less cost for equipment, time and labors. The configuration of the system can be flexible, and convenient for updates and maintenances.

Safe and stable

The cloud data management system has multiple safety protections to ensure data and system safe. And there is a long-term two-way communication mechanism between the main node and lower level nodes.

Data subscription and data push

The client-side has functions of data query, data push, data management etc. According to the required data range and time, the coordinate service mode can be different.

7 X 24 non-stop service mechanism

The non-stop service mechanism provide strong guarantee for resource management, service scheduling, operation monitoring and system updates.