The Cloud Service Platform of ZY-3 Satellite Image

The Cloud Service Platform of ZY-3 Satellite Image is built by SASMAC with provincial surveying and mapping administrative agencies of China. This platform has a client management system and an instant push system, providing management services, distribution services and real-time push services for latest acquired images of domestic high-resolution satellites. The Cloud Service Platform of ZY-3 Satellite Image can be applied to government agencies and other relevant organizations. It provides data query, data purchase, data instant push, and other related services.

ZY3-02 was successfully launched

On May 30, 2016, ZY3-02, a high resolution optical stereo mapping satellite was successfully launched in TSLC. This is the first time that domestic independent research and development civilian stereo mapping satellites have formed a dual satellite network. It shortens the revisit and coverage cycles, it continuously, stably, and quickly acquires national or global high resolution stereo images and multispectral images for long periods.

Users choose attribute information such as sensors and acquisition time or spatial information (e.g. ranges, latitude and longitude, etc.) and get the resulting data. This module also supports online data purchases and data downloads.
The system updates the image coverage rate of each province. Users are able to view the real time remote sensing satellite images coverage percentage for each administrative division, and check coverage areas and export coverage ranges.
Various information about the pushed data can be checked, including the batches of data push, the total scenes and amount during a time period, and details for each time of data push as well, for example the push time, data size, end time and download situation.
Based on a satellite’s orbit parameters and an accurate orbit prediction algorithm, we provide satellite orbit prediction. Users can get pass information for a specific range and time period. The information includes orbit coverage and satellite entry/exit time.